Album Pricing

( 50 images in album )

25x15 acrylic cover image album  $3,150
20x10 acrylic cover image Panoramic Album  $2,725
11x14 acrylic cover image $2,475.
10x10 acrylic cover image$1,850.
8x10 acrylic cover image $1,650.
Modern Albums
9x11 acrylic cover image $1,150.
8x10 acrylic cover image $850.
8x8 acrylic cover image $785.

1  Revision is allowed on albums (additional Revision is $65)

Every additional image for album- $35.

Retouching per-image- $65 (Basic retouching).

Removing people, Tattoos, etc.. starting- $85 and up

(more than 3 images to be retouched, we can create a package plan for you, please ask.)

All Digital images - $950. 

Additional thank you card - $6.50 each

(If it states in your original agreement that images are included, you will receive unedited images once the album is delivered)
(Does not included WCS Art images)
Selecting images for your final Product. 
Check your contract/invoice/agreement **We do not keep your contract in the office after your event.  There will be a fee to have it retrieved, so please CHECK YOUR EMAIL or HARD COPY for your product specifications!**