Will Cadena Photography | Family shoots

Family Session photoshoot​

Please Note

"PWC" stands for "Photographers of Will Cadena" (his Elite team members), "WCS" stand for "Will Cadena Signature" 


Hourly Rate


In-studio photo Family session

(3 family members)

$450.  PWC

for additional family member $75

To have WCS photograph additional $175

On-location photo Family session

(please send us location) 

(3 family members)

$550. PWC

for additional family member $75

To have WCS photograph additional $175

Images HIGH RES to keep

(download from site)









Makeup and hair  (basic makeup application and hairstyling and touchups)


Starts at $525, but can be packaged based on number of people

Makeup Artist



Hair Stylist



Copyrighted High Resolution Images




Retouching-face basics


$65 and up



$70 and up

Shipping (depending on size)


$16 - $125

Retouching-removal of background distractions (people/objects)


$150 and up





Enhancement-skin tones










What should we wear?

 WC Imagery recommends you have two (2) looks.  One look should be casual, the other dressy.  Your outfits do not have to match or be coordinated, but it does look nice if you choose to do so

Uh, Oh!! We’re running late!

WC Imagery wants to make sure you do not miss a minute of your shoot.  We often have more than 1 shoot per day, and we want to be sure each of our clients get all the time they need to get great shots.  Running late will cut into your shoot time, which means less pictures; this is no different from your wedding day/shoot/event.  We also understand that sometimes situations happen that cause us to run late.  Whether it’s your fault, the makeup/hair team, traffic, or any other situation, please let us know at least 45 minutes before your shoot so we can plan accordingly.  We may need to adjust our meeting point to accommodate for lighting issues.

What if we need to cancel/reschedule?

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so more than one week in advance.  Any cancellation or rescheduling done within 7 days of the shoot will incur a fee of $350. (Regardless if the Family session  was included in your collection/Package.)

What if  bad weather is predicted?

We are not responsible for bad weather.  The shoot will be honored unless weather is causing extreme danger to travel (i.e. roads closed due to snow storm).  Keep in mind, this is just like an event day...we can't reschedule that due to a little rain! We always recommend you choose a location that has some option for indoor/under cover area, but it is not necessary (even thou you ask us to suggest a location, its still your responsibility to look into the location).  If you choose to reschedule your shoot because of the weather, or any other reason, please see above, "What if we need to cancel/reschedule?"

Parking Fees

All parking fees will be taken care of by the client. 

Entrance Fees

Will be taken care of by the client.



We do not accept text messages.  If you have our photographers cell phone number, please CALL that number.

Only email & phone calls (voicemail) will be answered. 

If you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding your shoot, it is best to call to save time.