Will Cadena Photography | Selecting Images for your Final Product

Selecting Images for your Final Product(s)

Albums, Thank You Cards, loose prints, ETC...​

​In order to receive ALL your products in a timely fashion, please follow these instructions.  Once you have chosen all your images, please click the link at the bottom of this page to finalize your order.  You will be brought to a new form, where you submit album size, prints, thank you card etc.  You may need to have your agreement accessible.  

( New Form Click Here )

1.  Check your contract/invoice/agreement **We do not keep your contract in the office after your event.  There will be a fee to have it retrieved, so please CHECK YOUR EMAIL or HARD COPY for your product specifications!**

-This is where you will find the number of images to select for prints/albums/thank you cards AND will also say how many of each size.

  • Select 3-4 four images for your thank you card 
  • Message for your thank you card (Not sure what to write inside your thank you? Try googling, "thank you sentiments wedding" for some ideas.)
  • Images for your albums (agreement will state how many)
  • Your Cover Image for your album (if you have it included, if not please contact us to add it)
  • Color of your leather album (black, espresso brown, white, gray, etc...)
  • If you have album clones/modern parent books  (it is the same album design as yours, but we are make them a smaller size book for your parents)


We will not begin to process your order until ALL images are selected! No exceptions 

-All images for thank you cards, loose prints (all sizes) and albums must be submitted for your order to be sent to the printer.

2.  Go to the password protected site where you can find your images.

3.  Select images by clicking on the heart that will appear in the top left corner when your curser is on that image.

     -The first image you select will automatically be sent to favorites (top left corner next to heart will say "Favorites: My Selection (1)")

4.  Once you have a few images in "My Selection", change the name of this set by holding your mouse over the words "my selection" until a drop down menu is visible.  Click on "Edit My Selection" and click on "rename".  Change the name to the category that matches the images, i.e. "8x10", or "thank you" etc.

5.  Once the images in this set are selected you can again hold your mouse over the category name and when the drop down menu is visible, choose "add new set" from the bottom of the menu.  

     -You can switch back and forth between sets while making your choices, and you can add and remove images from sets if you change your mind.

6.  Once you have selected all your images, you can review your choices by clicking the category name in the top left corner.  All "favorited" images will be on this page.  

7.  If you are ready to submit your order, click "send to..." in the top left corner of the screen, next to the set name. A pop up screen will prompt you to Enter your name, email and any message you have for the processing team.  Once you are sure everything is correct, click "share".  

Anything with retouching/airbrushing/photoshop/removing from an image will incur a fee.

( New Form Click Here )

**please note that once your order is submitted, any changes made will incur a processing fee**

 Any questions you may have please contact our company email

Production@willcadena.com & leave us your full name, date of event, number where to reach you & the questions you may have. One of our team members will contact you within 48 hours or less.

Thank you